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  • Saddle Rowe 9/20/14

    Jess Lifschultz & Lantana: 1st Open Eq., 3rd Open Eq.
    Caroline Clemson & Epoch: Champion Long Stirrup Eq.
    Rachel Clemson & Class Act: Champion Long Stirrup Hunter
    Gwen Field & Quartermaster: Reserve Champion Elementary Eq., 2nd Elementary Hunter, 3rd Elementary Hunter u/s
    Lauren Von Stetton & Double Dare: 4th Child/Adult Special Hunter
    Sofia Dixon & Look At Me: Champion Short Stirrup Eq., 5th Short Stirrup Hunter, 2nd Pet Pony
    Abby Barnes & Domino Effect: Reserve Champion Short Stirrup Hunter, 3rd Short Stirrup Eq., 2nd Hunter Pleasure
    Ciara Goellner & Be Dazzled: 5th Short Stirrup Eq., 5th Short Stirrup Hunter
    Ciara Goellner & Yes I Can: 3rd Pet Pony
    Bre Chandler & Eye Candy: Reserve Champion Mod. Adult Hunter, 3rd Mod. Adult Eq.
    Katie Sandler & Reminisce: Champion Modified Hunter, 1st Hunter Pleasure
    Eliza Luden & Be My Valentine: Reserve Champion Modified Hunter, Reserve Champion Child/Adult Eq.
    Jess Huibregtse & Reminisce: 2nd Child/Adult Eq, 3rd Child/Adult Eq.
    Melissa Kay & Class Act: Champion Child/Adult Eq.



  • SEHA Medal Finals and Horse Show 9/14/14

    Katie Rezac & Yes I Can: 3rd Walk/Trot Medal Final, Champion Walk/Trot Hunter, Reserve Champion Walk/Trot Eq
    Carleigh Babbit & Be Dazzled: 4th Walk/Trot Medal Final, 2nd Walk/Trot Pleasure, 4th Walk/Trot Pleasure Championship
    Sofia Dixon & Look At Me: 3rd Short Stirrup Medal Final, 1st Short Stirrup Eq, 3rd Short Stirrup Hunter
    Ciara Goellner & Quartermaster: 7th Short Stirrup Medal Final
    Gwen Fields & Quartermaster: 5th Short Stirrup Hunter u/s
    Katie Sandler & Reminisce: Champion Hunter Pleasure
    Carli Tesini & My Hero: 3rd Child/Adult Special Hunter, 5th Children's Eq.
    Lauren McKenna & Epoch: 5th Child/Adult Special Hunter, 6th Children's Eq.
    Kacie Babbit & Touchdown: 7th Children's Eq. flat , 8th Children's Eq.


  • Cornerstone 9/7/14

    Carleigh Babbit & Be Dazzled: Walk/Trot Hunter champion, 3rd Walk/Trot Eq
    Katie Rezac & Yes I Can: 1st Walk/Trot Rails, 3rd Walk/Trot Hunter, 4th Walk/Trot Eq.
    Sofia Dixon & Look At Me: Champion Short Stirrup Hunter & Eq., 1st Pet Pony
    Katie Sandler & Reminisce: Champion Opp. Suitable Hunter, 1st NEHC Pleasure, 1st Open Pleasure
    Eliza Luden & Be My Valentine: Reserve Champion Opp. Suitable Hunter


  • HITS  9/2/14-9/7/14

    Stina Thakor & Columbo: 4th USHJA Regional Team Championship 
    Liz Kleinfeld & Casino: 2nd Level 0 jumpers
    Hatie Held & Fanfare: 1st HITS 2' jumpers, 4th & 4th HITS 2' jumpers
    Maddy & Clovermeade Brother Bunny: 1st Small Pony Hunter Handy, 4th, 7th, 8th in Small Pony Hunter


  • MHJ Medal Finals  8/24/14

    Addie Luperchio & Ulexa: 4th MHJ Mini Medal
    Kacie Babbit & Grande Finale: 7th MHJ Children's Medal
    Abby Barnes & Domino Effect: 4th Short Stirrup Medal
    Sofia Dixon & Laugh Out Loud: 7th Short Stirrup Medal
    Tracy Harding & Bentley: 12th MHJ Adult Mini Medal


  • Fieldstone Summer Showcase  8/18/14

    Tracy Harding & Bentley: 4th Special Hunters
    Abby Barnes & Domino Effect: 1st Short Stirrup Hunter Classic, 1st Short Stirrup Eq, 2nd and 4th Short Stirrup Hunter, 3rd NE Pleasure
    Emma Farina & Columbo: 2nd Children's Eq flat, 4th Children's Eq, 4th and 7th Mod. Child/Adult Hunter
    Ciara Goellner & Quartermaster: 3rd Short Stirrup Hunter Classic, 2nd Short Stirrup Hunter u/s, 2nd NE Pleasure
    Kacie Babbit & Touchdown: 8th Baby Green Hunters, 7th Baby Green Hunter u/s
    Addie Luperchio & Ulexa: 6th Children's Eq., 6th Children's Eq. flat, 8th Schooling Hunter u/s
    Katie Held & Fanfare: 1st Puddle Jumpers
    Adrienne Zicht & Gandalf the Gray: 4th Modified Adult Eq. 4th Modified Adult Eq. flat
    Michela Farina & Leapfrog: 4th Child/Adult Special Hunters, 8th Child/Adult Special Hunters
    Katie Rezac & Yes I can: 1st Walk/Trot Pleasure Championship, 2nd Walk/Trot Pleasure
    Carleigh Babbit & Be Dazzled: 6th Walk/Trot Eq Championship, 6th Walk/Trot Eq.                         




  • Saddle Rowe  8/2/14

    Ciara Goellner & Quartermaster: Short Stirrup Hunter Champion, Pet Pony Reserve Champion
    Sofia Dixon & Laugh Out Loud: Short Stirrup Eq champion, 2nd SS Hunter, 3rd SS Hunter u/s
    Abby Barnes & Domino Effect: 3rd Short Stirrup Hunter, 3rd Short Stirrup Eq
    Sarah Hillman & Be Dazzled: 3rd MHJ SS Medal, 4th Short Stirrup Hunter
    Lauren McKenna & Epoch: 1st and 3rd Child/Adult Special Hunter, 3rd Children's Eq
    Katie Rezac & Yes I Can: 3rd SEHA Walk-Trot medal, 3rd Walk-Trot Eq, 3rd Walk-Trot trail
    Carleigh Babbit & Be Dazzled: 2nd Walk-Trot Eq, 4th Walk-Trot Hunter
    Jess Lifschultz & Lantana: Open Eq Champion, Children Eq Reserve Champion, 2nd MHJ Junior medal, 2nd NEHC Junior medal
    Katie Sandler & Reminisce: Mod. Hunter Champion, Child/Adult Eq Champion                             




  • HITS Saugerties  7/21/14-7/27/14

    Addie Luperchio & Ulexa: 10th Bit O' Straw Classic, 2nd Novice Eq flat, 3rd HITS 2' jumper, 4th Level 0 jumper, 4th Saugerties Child Hunter
    Lauren McKenna & Epoch: 1st M&S 2'6" Child Medal, 1st and 3rd Maiden Eq, 2nd and 3rd Thoroughbred Hunter
    Eliza Luden & Be My Valentine: 4th Maiden Eq, 7th Pre-child Hunter
    Kacie Babbit & Touchdown: 6th Novice Eq flat, 8th Pre-Child Hunter
    Sofia Dixon & Laugh Out Loud: Cross-rail Eq champ, 4th Short Stirrup Eq, 3rd Short Stirrup Hunter
    Katie Sandler & Reminisce: 6th HITS Hunter 2 u/s
    Becky Kamfonik & Credence: 7th Training Hunter u/s
    Robin Greenbaum & Milestone: 7th Mod. Adult Hunter, 7th HITS Hunter 2 u/s
    Carleigh Babbit & Be My Valentine: Walk-trot Champion
    Katie Rezac & Yes I Can: 3rd Walk-trot pleasure
    Katie Held & Fanfare: 5th HITS 2' jumper, 8th Level 0 jumper
    Alivia Kilroy & Fanfare: 8th HITS 2' jumper, & Epoch 6th Saugerties Child Hunter
    Bre Chandler & Eye Candy: 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Saurgerties Adult Hunter
    Stina Thakor & Columbo: Level 1 champions, 1st Adult Jumper High                                                                                                                       




  • NHHJA Summer Fesitval  7/6/14

    Kacie Babbit & Touchdown: 1st Downeast Modified Junior Medal, 1st Modified Children's Hunter
    Bre Chandler & Eye Candy: 5th Lobo 2'6" Hunter Derby, 1st Modified Adult Hunter
    Katie Rezac & Yes, I Can: 5th Walk/Trot Pleasure
    Lauren Von Stetton & Dixie Chick: 7th Hunter Pony Pleasure                                           




  • Plymouth Rock 6/21/14-6/22/14

    Lauren McKenna & Epoch: 2nd MHJ Mini Medal, 7th Special Hunter
    Lauren Von Stetton & Double Dare: 8th Special Hunter
    Tracy Harding & Bentley: 2nd Special Hunter, 5th Special Hunter u/s
    Robin Greenbaum & Milestone: 1st Bit O Straw Hunter Classic, 2nd & 5th Special Hunter
    Katie Held & Fanfare: 6th Special Hunter
    Katie Rezac & Yes I Can: 1st Walk/Trot Pleasure, 2nd Walk/Trot Eq.
    Julia Morgan & Skye's the Limit: 3rd Walk/Trot Eq, 5th Walk/Trot Pleasure
    Carli Tesini & My Hero: Champion Pony Eq., 3rd Children's Eq.
    Jess Huibregtse & Reminisce: Champion Maiden Eq., Reserve Champion Modified Hunter                                                                                                                       





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June 29 Saddle Rowe

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July 19 Saddle Rowe

July 21-27 HITS Week V

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August 16 NHHJA III

August 19-23 Fieldstone Summer Showcase II

August 24 MHJ Finals

September 6 NHHJA IV

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September 14 SEHA Finals

September 20 Saddle Rowe

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