Meet the Horses

A big part of what sets Century Mill apart is our fabulous school horses.  Our schoolies are happy, healthy, well-trained and well-rested, meaning they are always ready to give you a good ride!  Many are privately owned, and almost all of them show through the A rated level with our students.  Many are also available FOR LEASE!

Here are just a few of our amazing equine partners:

  •  Frog -17h Thoroughbred, fun to flat or jump!


  • Domino - 15h Paint gelding, as sweet and reliable as they come!
  • Daisy - Small division pony who is easy to ride and wins everywhere
  • Master - Fancy large Welsh pony who can teach anyone the ropes
  • Pete - Super reliable, easy to ride medium pinto pony


Jai Smith-Rezac, Head Trainer & Owner

Century Mill is owned and operated by Jai Smith-Rezac. Jai has over 20 years of experience teaching students of all levels in hunters, jumpers, equitation, dressage and eventing. She has trained with countless top trainers of all disciplines and enjoys passing that knowledge on to her students and bringing them to the highest levels of their chosen sport. Jai teaches many of the adult riders and juniors here at CMS, both recreational and show. Her positive and supportive teaching style allows her to specialize in bringing along the more timid rider and in helping people who feel as though they have reached a plateau in their riding. Jai particularly enjoys teaching the other instructors at CMS, and believes that this fosters a continuity to the riding and teaching styles at CMS that is a huge asset to the stable. Jai believes strongly in the well rounded horses and rider, and offers several opportunities during the year for horses and riders to expand their horizons. Trips to ride on the beach and through the local orchards are led by Jai and are very popular breaks form the show schedule! Jai also takes clients on international riding trips to other countries. Recent trips have been to Hungary, Austria, Costa Rica and Provence, France.

 jai mike 3ss3


Becky Kamfonik, Manager

Becky runs the show here at CMS as our Manager, and we couldn't ask for anything better! She is a graduate of UMASS Amherst and has a degree in Natural Resource studies and Geology. Becky has been riding for 20 years (many of them at Century Mill) and is an accomplished rider in dressage, event, equitation, and jumpers. She and CMS's Almost Midnight qualified top 40 in the nation and subsequently competed in the Marshall and Sterling Jumper Finals. In addition to jumping big jumps, Becky has a very strong dressage background and is the sought after Dressage and Equitation coach here at CMS. Becky has been a longtime student of Jai Rezac and Century Mill, as well as a valued instructor and friend to all. Her meticulous attention to detail and loving care of all of our equine friends at Century Mill are an enormous asset to our training center.


 becky coach


Liz Kleinfeld, Trainer and Coach

Liz has quickly become an important member of the CMS crew! She graduated Summa Cum Laude from the University of Findlay in OH, with degrees in Equine Science, Business Management, and Equine Business Management. Liz has shown in the Hunters and Equitation, and was IHSA National Champion in 2004. She and her amazing horse, Alena, were the Vermont Summer Festival Circuit Champions in both the 1.0M and the 1.10M Jumpers in 2010. She is an extremely talented instructor, and excels at teaching all levels of riders, from beginners to our more seasoned show competitors. Liz also serves as an IEA Coach, and coaches at regular season shows as well.

  Liz Jumpers


Ellen Marie Peck, Program Director and Coach

Ellen has been with CMS for several years, and serves as the Program Director. She is a graduate of California State University, Fresno and has ridden and shown hunter/jumper, event, and dressage with top trainers in the U.S. Ellen manages our lesson and camp programs, as well as our busy and competitive horse show schedule. She is an excellent riding coach, and works with our competition-minded riders. Ellen started and has coached our very successful IEA Team since its inception in 2008, and her show students have multiple impressive wins from the local series to the AA rated level.


Ellen SS Classic Cropped


Dawn Laughlin, Instructor

Dawn has recently returned to Century Mill as a part-time instructor, as we are very pleased to have her back!  Her calm disposition and encouraging nature make her an excellent teacher for our younger and newer riders, and her wealth of knowledge gives her plenty of tools for our more experienced competitors.



Jess McKinley, Camp Instructor and Barn Staff

Jess joined the Century Mill crew in 2011 as an intern with Lucky Horse Equine Rescue, and quickly became a valued member of the team.  Now a full-time staff member, she works hard to keep our equine partners in good health and to keep our barn in great shape.  Jess has owned and ridden horses her entire life, with all of her own horses being rescues as well.  She grew up in pony club, has shown to 3'6", and was captain of the Becker College IHSA team.  Jess is one of camp instructors and has a special way with kids- they love her! 

 jess2  jess


David Langdon, Natural Horsemanship Trainer 

CMS is proud to welcome David, a Natural Horsemanship professional all the way from Australia!  He will be helping our horses, our staff, and our clients with all aspects of groundwork in an effort to better the relationships we have between horse and rider.  More info about David and his background is coming soon!



Cicero and Lindon, Barn Staff

Cicero and Lindon are the guys that keep our horses happy, healthy, well-fed, and comfortable, and who keep the barn looking beautiful.  We couldn't ask for better caretakers for our four-legged friends!