Hi Riders!
We have heard lots of interest in getting out to a show, so here is your opportunity!  Let's dust off our boots and pull out those coolers and go to a winter show!  We are putting together a group to attend the show at Oak Meadow Farm in East Windsor, CT this Sunday January 22nd.  The show is NEHC rated but not USEF rated and is about an hour and twenty minutes away.  It has classes for just about everyone!  Oak Meadow even has two connected indoors, so there is plenty of warmup available inside!  Classes include Leadline, Walk Trot, Pleasures, Short and Long Stirrup, Pre-Children's, Children's Hunter Pony, Children's Equitation, Modified Children's Hunter, Modified Adult Equitation and Hunter, Bit O Straw Hunter Classic and Children's Hunter.
We will need an open check made out to Century Mill and one to Oak Meadow in order to sign up.  Please let me know ASAP if you are interested so we can plan staffing, trailering etc!
Right now it looks to be fairly warm weather on Sunday and warmup doesn't start until 8AM so it's not a super early morning either!  Looks like an awesome opportunity to get out to a show!  Remember to do your NEHC memberships so we can start getting those New England points!!
Heels down!

Posted by Jai Rezac.