BIG congrats to the Bentley Equestrian Team for an impressive showing at the Mount Ida IHSA show on 11/11

Highlights include:
-Mackenna Dillon winning a tie breaker and picking up the Reserve High Point Rider of the day from her win in the Novice Flat and 4th over fences
-Lottie Smalla winning and pointing out of beginner walk trot canter
-Sam Bowden winning her Intermediate flat and placing 4th over fences
-Carly Elliot placing 4th in Novice flat and 5th over fences

All together our 4 person team collected a whopping 27 points for the day. So proud!

And at the Boston College show on 11/12...

-BIG congratulations to Sam Bowden, who qualified for Regionals in both Intermediate Fences and Intermediate Flat!! She also almost made the ride off for High Point Rider of the day!
Sam was 1st in Intermediate Fences and 2nd in Intermediate Flat and will be moving into Open! Wohoo!
-Mackenna Dillon once again won Novice Flat and was 4th in Novice Fences!
-Carly Elliot was third in Novice Fences and sixth in Novice Flat!
-Lottie Smalla made her debut in Advanced Walk Trot Canter to a successful sixth place finish!

Bentley Mount Ida.jpg